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Economical, Ecological and Effective Drinking Water Filtration Solutions

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IN THE SUPPORT OF OUR BELIEF, we make every effort to present information that will enable consumers to make intelligent, real world, cost effective decisions related to environmental concerns.

AS CARETAKERS OF OUR PLANET, we have entered a new era. An era when all that we have taken for granted, all that we have accepted as normal may be changing forever. An era when it is most important that each of us become eco conscious. Our health, the health of our families and the health of our planet depend on the lifestyle decisions we will make, not decades from now, beginning today.

AS A COMPANY, ESI was established based on the founders belief that the public cannot depend on appropriate government action to guarantee the quality of life sustaining water we demand to assure healthy living for our families. Decaying infrastructure, levels of contamination and health concerns related to the extensive use of chlorine in the water supply make it crystal clear that as individuals, each of us, must be the first line of defense to assure our families a healthy lifestyle.

AFTER MONTHS OF INTENSE RESEARCH to analyze and gain an understanding of the available technologies, related products and product claims, our conclusions were straight forward, if not simple. The only logical way to provide our families with a safe supply of tasteful fresh water was to apply the best available and appropriate water filtration system at the POINT OF USE. Real world common sense tells us that we have no ability to immediately effect the rebuilding of infrastructure, to decontaminate ground water, or to find a safe alternative to chlorine. The control we have is to improve the quality of the water that we have received from the source. Given time, the hope is to improve the source. The first step in the mission is to determine the best products available to accomplish our goal of providing water free from impurities.

THE CRITERIA was straight forward; evaluate the pros and cons of the various technologies, determine initial affordability and long term cost effectiveness, find companies with a proven track record to provide these products at a price that is affordable to the consumer. A few products remained at the top of our list.

REAL WORLD application is the final testing ground. The plan is simple, purchase and use the products. Determine which companies and which products deliver on the claims in day to day use and share this information with the public. With this process began a journey that would make ESI an industry leader in bringing the highest quality water filtration products to the consumer.


Research brought more than product awareness. Research brought an awareness of why the consumer is frustrated. Real service has become ‘lip’ service. Automated phone systems and email are becoming the only means of communication between the consumer and a company. Technology is great, in its place, but what happens when your question does not fit the (FAQ) frequently asked question, or a canned answer won‘t do? What happens when you need to speak to a knowledgeable person? What happens when and if you reach someone and it’s painfully obvious that they know less than you do? No one is perfect, but at ESI the goal is genuine old fashioned service. If a FAQ and answer is sufficient, great! If an email is convenient, wonderful! If it takes an in depth telephone conversation, a knowledgeable representative is waiting to assist you!



Science may be divided over humankinds impact on mother earths eco systems, but an area of probable agreement is that as our planets self appointed caretakers, we naively and/or mistakenly taken for granted, natures capacity to restore itself.

As human population increases, so too do the demands humanity places on earths fragile eco systems. If we continue to spend natures bounty of resources as if the supply is endless, the consequences of our lifestyle may damage the eco systems beyond repair. The consequences of uncontrolled pollution are currently and painfully evident in our daily lives, yet we continue to put ourselves and the planet at risk, inviting a crisis scenario before we enact change to that which is careless & wasteful in our lifestyle.

In the short history of humankind it is difficult to differentiate with certainty between what is the result of natural cycles & that which is the result of human impact, but unless we are morally dead & totally lacking in common sense, the majority of us have a sense of right from wrong.

The conveniences of modern society make it easy to indulge in selective ignorance. We turn a switch and there is light, We push a button/turn a knob and we can be warm, or cool. We flush a toilet, or put a bag at the curb & our waste is gone & removed from our mind forever. If we are not careful we can just as easily erase from our minds the long term consequences of our actions. Unlike the dinosaur, we are creatures capable of reason. Reason should alert us to the possibility that If we do not change our course, then we may be assured a familiar place in history. The destiny of Humankind may be that of the dinosaur and long before our sun goes nova planet earth may be the unable to support any life form.

While we look to government, while we pressure government to take appropriate action, we must remember that politicians have proven to us time and time again that regardless of party affiliation, that winning elections is more important than creating necessary long term public policy. Pacifying the public with promises and not delivering on a promise is politics at its best Therefore, as individuals and as active members of our local communities, we must take responsibility and act to implement common sense solutions based on the best science available.